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Tel Luigi Srl

Tel Luigi S.r.l.

Stainless steel production


Projects that Tel Luigi Srl develops

Through a ten-year-long cooperation with several partners, our company is able to offer turnkey products, from the design and perfecting, to the development and installation.

Design and Graphics

You can find many of our customised products:

  • stairs and balconies at the BMW dealer in Udine;
  • furnishing items, refined chandeliers and original vases of superior design at Fadalti firm.

we design and manufacture products to be directed at Enterprises

Tel Luigi Srl works also in the industrial field for projects that require a professional artisan development.

Thanks to its innovative ideas, the company produces also round counters and unique and original custom-made products.

Tel Luigi Srl gathers around many companies, with which it cooperates during the production and marketing stages, establishing a ten-year relationship of mutual trust and standing out for reliability and professionalism.